About us



Lirik Nefesler is a project that came to my mind in January 2009. My students with various occupations and at varying ages have been working so hard and in such an organized fashion that I intended to make their work be visible to others, and also in a way such that others would also benefit from this effort. At the beginning of the project, there were four of us: I, and my three students, Yelda Altuğ, Yasemin Firidin and Gülce Kalyoncu. After a lot of patient, regular and long-termed working, and with new members, Lirik Nefesler started to extend. As time went by, everybody who could play well enough to perform in a concert, joined in the group. Therefore, Lirik Nefesler have a framework which continuously renews itself.


We are not affiliated with or connected to anywhere… We are a self-financing group. We order sheet music from abroad, and every week we practice in my house. We carefully work on the repertoire, and contact with flute trios abroad and ask for their advice as necessary.


Lirik Nefesler perform for free. This is a social responsibility project. At the beginning, while thinking about where to perform, I remembered about the autistic child of an acquaintance, then I further explored the subject and come out with the information that autistic children react to “music, love, and colours”. I felt that I was on the right track, and we fccused on autism. We contacted with related associations in Ankara. We performed to autistic people and children where we were able to agree on time and place. Those performances were really very exciting for us, most of the time, we trembled in front of the audience. Although autism has been our main concern, we also porformed in social service foundations and in old age asylums.


We believe that we shape our lives with the choices we make. In order to accomplish this, we work hard, we are enthusiastic and excited about what we do. Alkan Şimşek and Sülün Falay have always supported us and our project with love while chosing our way, they have always advised accordingly, they have symphatized our will, they have guided us to the correct direction each time we faced with a difficulty. 


(*) “Lirik Nefesler” means “lyric breaths” in English.